Testing In House/Mobile

Proofload has a NATA accredited facility. We test a wide range of lifting and lifted equipment and being accredited by NATA ensures that testing is done in accordance to the relevant Australian Standard.

With regular independent audits, you can be reassured that the integrity of Proofload is of the highest international testing facility standards.

Proofload also has mobile testing capabilities up to 30 tonne.

Onsite Inspection Services

Proofload can provide onsite visual inspection services quarterly to insure your lifting and rigging gear is being maintained and tagged properly, and is compliant.

Certified Visual Inspections

Proofload is NATA accredited and complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17020 (2012)

To carry out certified visual inspections on lifting and lifted equipment, including lifting and rigging equipment certified to AS EN 12079.3, DNV 2.7.1.

Certified Pre-Load Outs

Proofload is one of only a few lifting companies in Australia that has been accredited by NATA to carry out Pre-Load out inspections endorsed by NATA.


Proofload can provide Non Destructive Testing methods including magnetic particle, eddy current and dye Penetrant inspection to industries including oil and gas, mining, and fabrication.

Engineered Lifting Solutions

Proofload have been involved in manufacturing Lifting and Lifted equipment, for general purpose and offshore purposes for more than 20 years.

Each purpose built offshore product is made to comply with DNV offshore Specifications and tested in accordance the relevant standards by Proofloads NATA accredited technicians.

Equipment Hire

Lifting and Rigging gear – Proofload only stocks the highest quality brands of equipment, and continuously maintains and tests the equipment to the relevant Australian Standards before it is hired out.

  • Mobile cranes (dry hire)
    Proofload has mobile cranes ranging from 20 tonne – 250 tonne.
  • Winch hire (dry hire)
    Proofload has modern engineered BHP & RIO approved winches for hire, ranging in sizes from 2 tonne – 15 tonne.
  • Load cell hire
    Proofload has a wide range of load cells available for sale or hire, including tension cells, compression cells, tensiometers and scales.

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